Sacred Jewellery

Throughout history people have worn & revered sacred jewellery and ancient symbols for their energetic qualities, healing, protection, abundance, empowerment, wisdom & when seeking connection to the divine.

For many people, jewellery has a mystical and spiritual significance that goes beyond the material and aesthetic aspects. 


We like to refer to them as Energy Healing, Frequency Support and Alignment Tools

Heart openers & Activators

And we are excited to introduce our exquisite high frequency collection of handcrafted and Activated Mala necklaces, each adorned with a stunning crystal pendant or sacred Amulet. These unique pieces are more than just accessories; they are a reflection of artistry, spirituality, and the natural beauty that surrounds us from the Rays of Creation.


What people are experiencing when connecting with and wearing them:

- Feeling much more grounded

- Exponential Increase of energy flow (chi)

- Being more present and connected with their body

- Aligned with-in their own energy field and center point

- Heart opening and a deep remembrance

- Different types of Activations