''The Sacred Rose'' Large

€ 111,00

Amuleta, they are real heart openers, created with Copper (Venus) and Gold (Sun). Energy Healing, Frequency Support and Alignment Tools.


Encoded with source (light)codes & divine frequencies they activate the keys&codes within, assisting with alignment, harmonizing and straightening ones own energy field.


Amuleta ''The Sacred Rose'' from the Galactic Heritage Collection holds specific codes connected to the Sacred Rosehood and the Sisters of the Rose.

Balancing out and harmonizing, activating and supporting heart expansion, a deep remembrance of your Divinity and the embodiment of Christ Consciousness


What people are experiencing when connecting with and wearing them:

- Feeling much more grounded

- Exponential Increase of energy flow (chi)

- Being more present and connected with their body

- Aligned with-in their own energy field and center point

- Heart opening and a deep remembrance

- Different types of Activations
They are real heart openers, created with copper (Venus) and Gold (Sun) and a small piece of pure Rose Quartz that holds the centre.

Size around 6cm


All creations from the Amuleta collection are activation tools, you will feel really drawn to the one that is meant for you and the connection will be strongly present. Please follow your inner guidens to bring in the codes that will support you most.