Activation portals,

They are not just art, they take you on a journey of Self discovery;


As Divine Creations they are an invitation to a higher vibration, by Divine Diamond design creating a unified experience into the limitless potential of your being. Each Portal is a harmonious blend of beauty and Divine Frequencies created during beautiful transmissions.

During these Transmissions high frequency fields, informational lightstreams, Sacred Geometry and numerous calculations are transformed into a functional organic Quantum Activation portal. Containing unity formulas, frequency harmonics, light codes and keycode activations resonating profoundly with soul, higher self and cellular memory designed to support in activating dormant aspects of your being


As frequency support tools, balancing, harmonizing, and strengthening the energy field. Additionally, they introduce new tone settings and Divine frequencies for a renewed alignment. Activating key codes to ignite more of your divine remembrance and multidimensionality.

They are catalysts for change, guiding you towards a fuller expression of your unique Soul gifts.

With their multi-layered depth, there is always more to uncover and explore, They take you on a journey of discovering and opening up the Divine remembrance, touching heart and soul for your true nature to step to the forefront


Activation portals are deployed in various settings, such as private homes, well-being centers, practices of various practitioners, and are utilized during meditation moments, sacred ceremonies and healing sessions.

Elevating the vibrational frequency of their surroundings, they create a space that is light, loving, and energetically vibrant.

As you explore our Activation Portals Collection,

Remember that this journey is a continuous revelation, with layers of discovery waiting to unfold.

Each Portal is Unique, not One is the same just as Authenticity is supposed to be. You will experience a vibrational match within the connection that is meant for you, as a Gateway into this co-creational experience. It will be clear, yet gentle and still, deeply touching your core of existence and all that is meant to come into fruition. Your heart will know.


Within every Now moment creation happens
Within every Now moment we are able to Redivine all
To inspire, to reconnect and remember the magnificence of self

When brain is centered in heart coherence
All is working as 0ne unified field of consciousness
Co-creating beauty together within a coherent field is a powerful access tool


Thank you for choosing to embark on this uplifting journey with us.