Sessions are available in person & online

Please email for in person sessions as there are only limited spots available.


Upgrade & Activation sessions are designed to activate dormant aspects of your DNA, in accordance with the true ways of organic progression. They are gentle, yet very powerful and wonderfully beneficial for everyone.

They’ll open up our awareness of our true nature and make way for a fuller expression of your gifts, power and light in all aspects of your life. The light they bring to all aspects of our being is very supportive for your healing journey. Support in aligning, harmonizing and balancing to experience clarity in your system as well as in life and you will feel much more connected with a deeper sense of self. 

Upgrade & Activation

This session is a kickstart for your journey in discovering more of your true essence and waking up to your full potential.

Increases your connection and awareness, activates the higher aspects of your energy, intensifies your physical and spiritual senses, balancing and harmonizing, eliminates blockages and enables to remember. 

By activating the higher aspects of your energy, you allow yourself to fully embrace your inner wisdom, sacred gifts and life's purpose.

Every session is unique and works with each individual's energy differently. This session is ideal if you feel guided to get some support, if you're experiencing a period of transition in your life, when you are longing to make adjustments or you simply feel like boosting your journey, reconnecting and upgrading yourself.


Online, Zoom call 

In person sessions, Netherlands (Drenthe)

Duration 90 Minutes, Investment €150

Holographic Healing session

This unique session takes you on a guided journey through energy healing, clearing, releasing, balancing & integrating


-  Hologram-Template restoration

- Timeline & DNA repair

- Removal Implants & astral devices

- Veil removal

- Body-Consciousness Realignment

- Activations

- Keys & Codes

- Light Language & Portal setup


In Person - One on One Session or Online Zoom Session

Duration around 2 hours

 In Person sessions, Netherlands (Drenthe)

€ 199,-

Welcome to the Portal


During this session we will work with the origin, the rays of creation and the Guardian teams 

Experiencing multiple energy, Light Language transmissions and most often some beautiful channeled messages come through to support you on your journey

 Bringing through and reconnecting for a deep remembrance to take place within.


What clients are experiencing is most often described as

- a deep sense of relieve and relaxation

- coming home within themselves

- a peaceful serenity

- crystal clear consciousness 

- Refreshed - reset 

- re-uniting and reconnected with their divinity and cosmic heritage

- Higher dimension of consciousness 


Working with these color and sounds harmonics from the rays of creation is a soft and gentle but effective way to support your healing-upgrading-embodiment process.

This session is also a beneficial experience for younger kids and it is possible to join this session together with your kids as well


This session can be done in person, 1 on 1 or as a group

Light Language Transmission


A personalized light language transmission video to give your journey an extra boost. 


The Language of Light is a divine language of creation, accessed through pure source vibration.  

It is a sacred form of communication that is understood on an unconscious and soul level.


A multilayered, multidimensional transmission of information from Source that is always sacred, loving, and of the purest intent.

Directly affecting the DNA, it re-codes and activates allowing an awakening of your divine gifts, purpose, and your Higher Self connection.


Light Language and light Codes can create life changing shifts within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Offering a remembrance of one’s multidimensional history, it reconnects to the original blueprint and to the higher realms of creation. 


A single transmission can be accessed several times, each time offering a new opportunity for healing.

This is due to the many layers of information it carries and the ever changing needs of the energy body.


 The transmission is fully received and utilized by the heart and higher mind.

A sacred and heart-felt experience of pure love that attunes and harmonizes us to higher vibratory alignment. 


- A personalized recorded transmission that will be send to you by email



Personalized Transcription

A personalized activation portal will be created in connection with your higher self-I Am presence to assist you in activating, opening up and remembering your divinity. The encoded portal will be created for you on request.

During the process of creation many people are aware of changes in energy and experiencing shifts very clearly.

Working with your I Am presence and creating from the original blueprint while bringing through your personal transmission, keys & codes also means clearing and making room for what is ready to be reconnected and activated.

Sizes available:

30cm, 60cm, 90cm

Color options background:

Transparent, white, galactic blue, emerald green

Your personal encoded activation portal will be shipped to you once ready. It's possible to include a light language transmission video recording to give your activation an extra boost, this recording will be sent to you by email. 

 All of the creations are multi-layered so you can work with them whenever you feel guided to do so, there are always new layers to dis-cover

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