Sessions & Support

Upgrade & Activation sessions are designed to activate dormant aspects of our being, in accordance with the true ways of spiritual progression. They are gentle, yet very powerful and wonderfully beneficial for everyone.

They’ll open up our awareness of our true nature and make way for a fuller expression of your gifts, power and light in all aspects of your life. The light they bring to all aspects of our being is incredibly healing. They support in aligning, harmonizing and balancing to experience clarity in your system as well as in life and you will feel much more connected with a deeper sense of self. 

The support section is for whenever you feel guided to.

The transformational process can be challenging at times, discovering more of our true selves also means clearing a lot of outdated programming, patterns and distortions. In this way we hope to support you with finding more ease & grace.

Feel free to connect with it whenever you feel like doing so. Every creation is light encoded and multi-layered so there is always more to discover and you can work with it as many times as you want. 

This section will be updated regularly with some new frequencies to keep it fresh and high vibe

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