'' The Golden Ones '' AlcheMist & Oil Elixir, Sacred GiftSet

€ 99,00

Golden 0nes'' Sacred Giftset

Alche-Mist & Oil Elixir

A Golden 0nes Sacred Activation Experience, purely handmade out of natural products only

Light encoded during powerful transmission with the Golden 0nes & Gold Ray to Activate your Divine Remembrance.

A powerful scent with a high frequency created out of wonderful herbs, a Sacred mysterious heart opening blend that is lifting you up into the energies of the Golden Age

Activating your senses, bringing in serenity and peace, nourishing and supporting the physical body, uplifting your energetic bodies, clearing and straightening your energy field

- Oil 20ML
A crystal Oil Elixir with a blend of high frequency herbs, pure source frequencies, light encoded
To support you with softening, opening and expanding, lifting you up to divine love and serenity as the Sacred Divine 0ne you are.

Opening up the Sacred Heart, harmonizing, aligning and deepening the connection with your Divine Self, anchoring pure source light, activating the crystals within.

- Spray 50ML
A high frequency blend created out of Sacred herbs, crystal oil elixir, infused during powerful Divine transmissions, that will soften and open you up to divine love and serenity.

Refreshing, clearing and Uplifting your Energy Field, your living space, opening up and finetuning your Senses, be-coming serenity itself

All products are infused with the highest light degrees, coded with the purity from the Rays of Creation and especially the Gold Ray to support you in Embodying and Activating your Divinity becoming your highest light expression

Supporting the physical body into relaxation, serenity and Divine love

Also wonderful to use,
- Before meditation, to deepen your meditative state
- Before you go to sleep
- Whenever you feel some support is needed
- Add some drops to your bath water before your sacred bathing ritual
- Underneath the feet whenever some grounding support is needed
- Putt some drops on your pillow during nighttime
- Follow your inner guidens to see which area's of your physical body need some extra support, just add 0ne or two drops of Oil and gently massage in circles

High Frequency Products are handmade out of natural products only, designed, selected and Initiated with pure intent and divine frequencies

To create your own sacred temple space that feels vibrate and light, spreading love and bringing high vibes into your surroundings

To help you remember, activating the keys & codes that are stored within the beauty that is you, supporting in keeping your frequency high and life force energy flowing with ease&grace

What people are experiencing:

- Feeling much more grounded

- Exponential Increase of energy flow (chi)

- Infusement of Light

- Clean, clear & Refreshed

- Being more present and connected with their body

- Aligned with-in their own energy field and center point

- Heart opening and a deep remembrance

- A deep sense of Relaxation

- Different types of Activations