12D Vogelwand XL, Quartz 12sided 12cm double pointed Healingwand

€ 123,00

12D Vogelwand XL ''Lightbody Activator'' AAA quality Quartz

12 Sided cut, 12cm long
Double pointed with laser fine tip

This unparalleled gemstone combines the timeless elegance of a brilliant 12 Sided cut with the mesmerizing purity of high quality quartz crystal, resulting in a truly extraordinary piece that is heart touching and opening 
Wonderful tool to work with during energy healing, activation and lightbody reconstruction sessions.

Holding the Diamond White ray, bringing through Diamond lightcodes and divine connection with the Crystalline, Diamond architecture of the crystalline diamond body templates and lighbody configuration

Exceptional Clarity: Quartz crystal is renowned for its remarkable clarity, and this creation is no exception. The pristine transparency of these gemstones and the brilliant 12 sided cut ensures that each facet reflects light with unparalleled brilliance, creating a dazzling display. Vogel wands are absolutely the top of their class when it comes to crystal healing wands.

A high vibrational healing support tool that works on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual. They positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body's meridians. And abslotely one of our personal favorites to work with during sessions.

You will feel the resonance and you will know which one is meant for you because of the connection you will experience.

Size 12 cm

12 sided

double pointed