Sacred SunDisc ''Your Inner Sun'' Activation Portal, Ø14cm incl Goldstand

€ 222,00

By 8 they are created,
Balancing the scales for complete Harmonization to return
To bring back and finetune

A spring of delight, Golden streams
With in the full colorspectrum of completion
As y/our sacred return

Infused with
Seashell, crystal powders & lightcodes
Pure Rainbow Quartz center Piece


Creating a symphony into your living space


Replenishing, Calming, soothing & stabalizing`


Created during the most wonderful high vibe transmission they lift up, balance and harmonize the frequencies in every room.
All creations are light encoded and handmade, transmitting wonderful Source frequencies, opening up the keys&codes that are stored within the beauty that is you.

They high vibe the space they are in, shifting the frequency in the room, it will feel more light, harmonized and vibrant. High vibe your workspace, yoga, meditation, workshop, practitioner or Livingroom with your favorite portal

They take you on a journey of discovering and opening up a deep remembrance of your divinity
They can be used during meditation as well, they are multi-layered so there is always more to discover.