''Stargate'' Alignment Mat , Encoded with light codes, incl Strap

€ 111,00

Your healing pod at home to support your WellBeing

Place yourself in a comfortable position and take some Sacred time for your Energy healing session, Sacred Attunement Ceremony or meditation to align, recharge and harmonize 

Some people find it benificial to use the Alignment Mat during Sleep time. Just place the Alignment Mat on top or underneath your matras, whatever works best for you
As you explore, remember that this journey is a continuous revelation, with layers of discovery waiting to unfold


- Personal daily practice & d
uring sleeptime
- Energy healing Sessions & Sacred Attunement Ceremony
- Meditation & Breathwork
- Body work & Stretching

Extra info:
- Size 61cm x 173 cm
- Microfiber suede top with a velveteen touch
- Natural rubber bottom, Anti-slip backing 
- Lightweight and soft to touch Material
- Thickness 3mm


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Not machine Washable
Please note, colours may differ slightly