Master Portal XXL

Multilayered & Light Encoded


Original Collectors Item

“Crystalline” Activation Portal

Cristalline Harmonics, Multilayered & Light Encoded, Frequency Support Tool

Origin, Handmade, Collectors Item
Size 120cm Ø
Weight 24,2 Kg

This creation holds Pure High Quality Minerals, quartz crystal, Diamond Powder, Pearl & Sea Shell, 18k gold paint lightcodes
Incl Hanging system


As frequency support tools, balancing, harmonizing, and strengthening the energy field. Additionally, they introduce new tone settings and Divine frequencies for a renewed alignment. Activating key codes to ignite more of your divine remembrance and multidimensionality. They are catalysts for change, guiding you towards a fuller expression of your unique Soul gifts. With their multi-layered depth, there is always more to uncover and explore, They take you on a journey of discovering and opening up the Divine remembrance, touching heart and soul for your true nature to step to the forefront

Activation portals are deployed in various settings, such as private homes, well-being centers, practices of various practitioners, and are utilized during meditation moments, sacred ceremonies and healing sessions.


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