"De drie eenheid"


Het zuiverste verlangen

En barmhartige weemoed


Komen slechts in schoonste bloei

Onder het pure gouden zonnen licht


Binnen een vorm van eenheid

Die nooit verloren is geraakt




“The sacred Seal”



The sacred gift of divine knowledge

And True potential



You ever longed for

Is stored within the beauty that is you




~ Inner Alchemy ~

The Galactic Heritage Collection


'The four pillars of light serie'


Beautiful Seer

Ancient Oracle

A heavenly embrace


We call forth

Welcoming you back

Wisdom of the sage


You are here

Now to share

Into this brand new space


Spread it out

Just pave the way

Into the Golden Age


The Galactic Heritage Collection


'The four pillars of light serie'


It is the circle of creation

The spiral going up

Entering full consciousness

Awareness of being


The centre of the Ascended one

Fully linked to source


All that is me

All that is you

It is only within the all

One discover their inner truth

The Galactic Heritage Collection


'The rainbow Bridge'


Start to shine a thousand lights

Beaming like the sun


Weaving all the golden threads

As the rainbow we become


A colorful expansion

Connecting all the dots

Building from this pathless path

Forever has now begun

The Galactic Heritage Collection


'The Twins serie'

Bridging the gap of duality into unification


It is born

It is now

All is for you

You made your vow


All initiations

Crowns to wear

For twins to gather

As a pair


To merge again

What was long gone


Collapsed back into One

The Galactic Heritage Collection


'The Twins serie'








Bringing in and anchoring the sacred divine codes

Unlocking more of the divine self for embodying and living heaven on earth.

This, is your promised land


Living your divine purpose at all times

From the inside pouring out

Walking your sacred path of higher knowledge

Completely centered with-in your Divine self


The Galactic Heritage Collection


“Sisters of the sacred Rose”

Mary Magdalene lineage


The holy grail is filling the cup of all initiated

Restoring the power of the feminine energies, within through and around you

As the individual, your field, flowing through and beaming out

Restoring your connections and real-ity

As the pure sovereign immortal light that you are


Bringing back into form new earth energies

Ready to be created, to be build from this solid foundation

From the purest frequency emitted out of the sacred heart

A powerful expansion can be felt

Opening up and activating more of your pure divinity


As so, more of the dna will be constructed back into the divine template

As the original blueprint is being restored,

your galactic heritage is coming online