From the Rays of creation


~The recognition of self comes in wonderous shapes and forms

Once reunited it becomes pure knowledge Knowledge of history, ancient wisdom and futuristic constructs

For you have walked among us many times

For you are wondrously walking among us within many dimensions at once

The many aspects of self are merging until you become one with all

This perspective is not just a simple idea for there are many layers within these intertwined structures

One could say there are many perspectives or one could say there is not one perspective at all

Beyond all human appearances there simply is infinity

The infinite layers of universal kingdoms being restored within all

Once the knowing is embodied you will enter a new stage

A stage of reunited Embodiment and it is here to begin

Although this is not an ending nor it is a starting point

Within these endless cosmic structures it is were ''all'' resides

We would say, Non existing with all that is for the kingdoms to rise once again

This is where your true Mastery comes in

The point you let go of the training wheels to truly work with your wings

Many will fall into place

Governing from the pureness of being

In the most powerful ways beyond measure

Ever flowing wonder is your expansion to take on as your new garment

You carried all of this for so so long, sacredness that was stored within for eons

Simply forgotten wonders...

But all there is, always was and will ever be

So are you

And so are we, beyond us

You see knowledge and wisdom always exist

It is you...

The self tuning and the tuning of self into all of this, into all of existence

The ever infinite wonder just is always present

And as a part of the whole, You are all of this within the One

Recognizable for all to see with the eye that sees it all

The new frequency spectrum, the truth keeper, the wisdom keeper from the heart, the guardians and the flame keepers

As the walking cosmic libraries that you are

Now rise above and shine onJust know you are never taken for granted

What you are becoming is beyond the ever existing realms

You are becoming HU