''The Templars''


Lets fire up those templar codes for the essenes we are

You know who you are, there's no doubt about it

It is written within the fabric that is you

For a long time this was safeguarded within the sacred storage of all that you are


The time has come now

To open up these memory banks and to fire up all of you

Filling in the blank pages with the truth that you are

This is your call and you know it, you can feel it flowing through you


~It is here now~



Lets treat eachother as sacred

Because on holy ground we stand

Becoming the One and 0nly

Walking hand in hand


Nourishing this sacred treasure

Which is for all to see

The holy kingdoms emerging

For its time to fly free


Into this holy experienceIf!

You have the eye to see

To be aware and to acknowledge

That Gold is your time and energy


And the precious one is you

Gifted with this wisdom

Clearly knowing what it is..

What it is you came here to do


It is foretold you know

And no more stopping now

Sacredness is re-turning for all

This is..

The 0nly vow




~The Ancient Master Builders returned~

~Full conception of the Guardians now~