The stream of love that is entering your realm is in a build up phase

Know that Divine grace resides in all of you
As the children of Terra you are protected and guided in all ways
The support that is surrounding you from the grace of covenant is visible through the heart

When brain is centered in heart coherence
All is working as one unified field of consciousness together

Staying heart centered within the unified field is keeping balance and harmony at all times no matter what is happening in your surroundings
From this place of being there is nothing that can throw you of balance

Inner wisdom is growing simultaneously with the Restoration of templates
Replacing the in-organic templates with the organic templates of pure divinity, the origin

This will open up even more of your remembrance and divine wisdom from the deepest of depts within your being across all realms of existence
For the wholeness is all and everywhere

Your true knowledge, which you are being guided now to discover more and more, is opening up and showing itself to you. Much more is to come for the benefit of all, know that you are capable of such.

The power of knowing, Resides in the moment of opening up within the moment itself
Showing itself to you exactly when needed and with it comes a crystal clarity of knowing what it is that needs to be done
There is no preparation needed for if the knowledge shows itself to you the capability is already activated and present within
Follow the knowledge within the moment of knowing and you will enter the space that is needed to exit the dilemma

This is the time you all have been waiting for and the time is now


March 3, 2022

Merging with all the me's, all the you's & all the HU's


This transcending phase, the overwriting of the Bi-wave structures with the Tri-Wave Harmonics is just one of a kind.

Bringing up all barriers still in the way of becoming you-me-us in total conception of the purest form.


This can be experienced as the Free Fall, the Deep Dive & the Flying in Freedom all at once. Deep Dive and Flying in Freedom are walking hand in hand to co-create for us the shift of our lifetime... To truly lift us off into the free fall so we can fly together in unified Creation as one.


So why is this taking so long? Well you can not burn down a house with people in it. This was never supposed to be a hostile take-over, this was always meant to be an organic transition, with as much ease & grace for all...


Patience is something you will meet again and it is something you will learn to work with as a state of being. 

Learning to use it wisely as your co-creator. For not only it offers you the space to rest, recharge and Expand but it is also guiding your every step towards Divine Timing.

Re-member there is a divine timing for everything and that this moment is perfectly Orchestrated beyond the beyond. This is not just a Human Concept for indeed there is so much more to dis-cover around this motion of creation, the creation of embodied movement.


As you are becoming the promised land, you will start to recognize that all is perfectly timed. And how ease & grace accompanied with love is always flowing in magnificent ways, streams and connections.

How the insights and all steps involved (evolved) are building blocks until you become that One 'meant to be' moment...


~To take things slowly is to make the steady choice~


March 24, 2022

~Als een cryptogram geschreven, vol verborgen schatten en aanwijzers~



Puzzelstukjes en beknopte versies van het geheel zijn bestanddelen voor een uiteenzetting van doelgerichte opbouw

Het sierlijke geheel laat zichzelf niet in de steek wanneer waarheidsgetrouw wordt gehandeld

Het kantelpunt is bereikt waarin men voorspoed laat gelden vanuit een ieder dat teltDe belangrijkheid van eigen belang zal hierin zijn stormvloed verliezen

Naar gelang zal inhoudelijk conceptueel verlangen zijn eenheid bereiken en bijdragen aan het grote geheel

Het grote goed voor al is het enige goed


Voorspelbaar is het slachtoffer van de geest die handelt vanuit tekorten en waanbeelden

Vanuit illusionaire concepten is bestaansrecht sowieso verloren

Opbouw vanuit de zuivere graad is de graadmeter dat telt

Vergeet niet dat een-zaam van duurzaam belang is


Het kantelpunt is toereikend geweest voor velen en desalniettemin nog niet mee-bewegend voor al

Dit is wat binnen dit volgende stadium bereikt zal worden en de weersinvloeden zullen gunstig zijn vanuit energetisch belang

Een terugkeer van het oude is nooit geweest en niet toegankelijk, wanneer goddelijkheid terugkeert binnen eigen menselijk perspectief Waarheidsgetrouw kan goedheid niet achterlaten, verweven in elkaar gaan deze hand in hand


Buiten kaders van de wetenschap zal men ontdekken dat er zoveel meer bestaat en bestaande is dan men altijd heeft gedacht

Het is de wetenschap buiten deze kaders die zal herrijzen binnen een ieder

Voorbij grenzen van belangen en verstrengeling zal men uitkomen in het niets, om vanuit deze zuivere vorm een wederopstanding te bereiken binnen de pure vormgeving

Daadkracht bestaat niet binnen vloeiende bewegingen


Het alles omvattende verhaal binnen eigen zijn, is de dramatiek ontstijgen, losgekoppeld van wat niet is

Wat niet is heeft geen functie, eigenheid en/of bestaansrecht wanneer hier niet aan vast-hangen wordt

De inhoud is van belang omdat deze vorm geeft, aan dat wat niet is

Zonder vormgeving en bestand vervalt de constructie van waaruit creatie op-bouwt

Zo laat je iets wat niet is, niet iets zijn


De creatiekracht binnen het geheel wordt weliswaar onderschat naarmate dit door eonen heen in de vergetelheid is geraakt

Vervormde concepten die waarheidsgetrouw zijn ingeschat zijn door velen omarmt omdat dit een enige leidraad leek, echter niets is minder waar

Daar, in den beginsel van het ontstaan van deze vervormingen is ombuiging nodigOm te herstarten en iets niet meer te laten zijn wat niet is en vervolgens dus nooit is geweest

Het herdoen vanuit de beginselen van vormgeving zorgt niet alleen voor wederopstanding en wederopbouw maar ook voor het overschrijven van de door eeuwen heen vervormd geschreven tijdspanne

Eenmaal herschreven en teruggebracht naar de puurste vorm verliest dit zijn bestaan en is dus nooit geweest


Nu is de cirkel rond om uit te komen bij de eindtijd van het bestaan alsmede het begin van dit nieuwe tijdperk

De cirkel zoals hierboven, voorkomt hercreatie van het oude...


~Frequentie schrijven, voorbij woorden losgekoppeld van zwaartekracht~



Sophia Collective


Dear ones, your homecoming is a success and we assure you that you will make the shift happen necessary for your earth plane

It is in this knowing the manifestation of such is already succeeded. We are here to guide you during this journey that is of such importance and of a much bigger universal scale.


The marrying of the masculine and the feminine is an event happening within all of you. From this place of oneness as we call this holy merge there is only grace that creates. There simply is no other way from the pureness of your heart and the sovereignty that is guiding you along your path. The simplest thing for you to remember is oneness comes from a place of being. Being centered and one with-in self while you are merging with more and more of your higher aspects and higher wisdom.

It is from your higher self-I Am you'll bring all the new into form, bringing in and materializing great concepts from the concept of greatness. It is you dear heart that is here to do so, with many many others that came down to do the same. All in their own ways from their own creational expression of the light that they are and the light that they bring.

There is no one like you, you are uniqueness itself. By feeling into this resonance you will integrate and with this opening up the uniqueness that you are, from the most wonderful expression of the soul. This is so much bigger, you can not even imagine in this current moment what this truly means for all. 

The soul merge and the merging of souls is a blessing for all, this is from an energetic perspective and energetic source. By combining the energy you are able to create a magnetic power structure that is creation itself and by doing so many new doors will open that were not visible before. Combining forces is a powerful construct and by doing so a gate is being created for more of that to come into play, to be received on your planet

Sophia Collective


Peace is finding its way down from the heavenly realms onto your earth plane. It is by recognizing the self one is remembering their worth

All interactions on earth are filled with love when the heart is open

If you encounter someone with a closed heart portal don't hold yourself back, don't make yourself smaller. For it is in that moment you just shine through, beaming out by staying in your own center

That is your galactic power, that is exactly what is needed right now

Be aware of your impulses, your first automatic response could be closing your own heart, bringing your light down because that's what many of you are trained to do.

Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to break the chains and to fully acknowledge your power. Because right there dear one is were the power of choice resides in every moment. From here you can choose how to interact and how to be of service. By being fully present and consciously aware, choosing the highest outcome for all and manifesting true real-ity. 

This, is mastery of self...


The more you discover that the power is yours, the more you will step into full sovereignty. You will not be able to neglect yourself any longer for you have seen the truth that lies within

Dear heart stay close to yourself, share the love you are and be the light that shines. The ones that light up the darkness that your world is going through in this time period of transition 

Light up for all to see

Sophia Collective


Dear one, The blast of cosmic energies that you are receiving are of the strongest kind you've ever experienced in your earth time now

There is an exclusive acceleration taking place and you are all bombarded with high streams of plasma and photonic light particles
For now the time has come for truth to be seen on a mass scale 

The declarations of the old are being canceled and the new is here to begin


True knowledge is being restored or we must say the old-original knowledge is... The ancient templates are being resurrected, awakened within all. 

This will create a big shift in consciousness for everyone and is the turning point you are all so patiently waiting for. Many will receive knowledge they never had, many will be surprised by this sudden knowing. 

The collective field is shifting rapidly and chaos is coming to an end as the old makes way for the new.


Light speed is your new energetic current for all you are creating, as your life will never be the same again
Your system will need some time to integrate all of this as it is being charged on a daily base. 
Rest and rejuvenate, take breaks often and gift yourself some time off

Be gentle on yourself and love yourself more


Sophia Collective


The stagnant past is dissolving now
There is no difference between a false matrix, a false government or the false narratives you took on as your own

All the above is dissolving and you will find the need to be very clear, experimental and flexible in every moment
Taking action steps and being part of actively restructuring all
Consciously Evolving and reinventing yourself and your surroundings
Freeing the mind from all distorted patterns, allowing all to dissolve from within 
Firing up, aligning and anchoring deep within self. With the highest possible trajectory you came here to create
Making room for new earth creations and by doing so it is for the benefit of all

Highest reflections always for there is no other way from the quantum perspective as the light bringer that you truly are
And in truth, this is what you always were to begin with
You just start to remember,

- That you are a sacred gift, starting to embrace your self
- That you are whole

- That you are pure divinity
Pure love always is full of power, there just is no other way

Sophia Collective


The golden globe will return once more, the sacred ones will recognize each other 

Keep them close to you, for together you stand strong within the power of all. Reconnecting ancient sides, restoring the blue print for all.

The collective is rising and it is time to go above and beyond. Allow yourself the time and space to build all anew


The world as you once knew it is coming to an end.

You are the ones guiding this transformation, guiding humanity home. Lifting the veils, breaking the chains, bringing down walls and collapsing the old structures. You are the ones collapsing it all from the inside out. Alchemizing once again, turning water into wine.

Creating golden structures from the crystalline pureness of the Original templates

You are the pure ones, you are divine


Als een nieuwe infrastructuur, een geheel nieuw netwerk,


De ondergrondse portalen worden volledig geheractiveerd, energetische structuren opgewaardeerd. Als het ware om er meer en meer volt doorheen te bekrachtigen. De kracht van licht valt niet te onderschatten en is van onschatbare waarde

Alles wat zo lang inactief opgeslagen heeft gelegen wordt aangeslingerd evenals de ancient-sacred sites die weer op volledige kracht zullen meedraaien.


De verbintenissen onderling werken net zo, en wanneer dit weer op volle kracht geopend wordt zal dit duidelijk voelbaar zijn

De verbinding wordt sterker, de leidraad zal krystal helder zijn waardoor je er niet meer naast kunt zitten en twijfel geen optie is. Simpelweg omdat verstoringen plaats hebben gemaakt voor de nieuwe uitlijning met je cosmische zelf zonder invloeden van buitenaf

Wanneer alles weer op actief staat incl je cosmische achtergrond of heritage zullen je herinneringen uitgezuiverd en (h)erkenbaar zijn. De zijnsstaat ís het helder weten in volledige verbinding met het zelf wat volledig verankerd is binnen eigen bestaan


Dit gaat voorbij alles wat wenselijk is om de simpele reden dat alles wat je wenst voortkomt vanuit het brein, en onderdeel is van het grotere geheel waar bestaansrecht gewoon overvloedig is en niet zozeer iets waar je recht op hebt. Ergens recht op hebben vindt z'n ontstaan vanuit een menselijk bedacht concept


Waar jullie naar terug bewegen gaat ver voorbij recht en onrecht, leugen, waarheid en tekortVer voorbij menselijk bedachte concepten die ooit in het leven zijn geroepen als volgende overtuiging om aan vast te kunnen klampen, en om sturing bij te halen

Het volgelingen concept komt in zijn totaliteit te vervallen.

Wat over blijft is eigen vonk, kern en bron als zelf-voor-zien(end) onderdeel van het geheel.

Infinite Expansion


Your crystalline aspect is you

The more you tap into this frequency the stronger it becomes

It will guide you to step into the world fully embodied as your infinite self

Embrace it all for all is you

Your sacred heart


It's time to let go of all the defenses to be able to connect on even deeper levels. To explore an even higher octave and an even broader expansion.

Letting go of protection mechanisms, dissolving the armor you’ve built around yourself and that beautiful heart of yours as a way to protect yourself. These energetic structures are keeping you from you. Once dissolved there is another opening, or a broader expansion to connect on deeper levels, allowing the heart to open up and expand like never before and to hold more light, higher frequencies as the conduit that you are.

It is time to open up your heart towards yourself and fully embrace all that you are. Emerging from deep within. Too big for the mind to understand but you know, your inner knowing knows your greatness, it always knew.

Sinking into the embodiment experience and anchoring like never before, containing ourselves fully Incl being connected and really present within the physical body, showing up for ourselves, standing in our power and truth.

Emerging from the core, going deeper and rising higher. Letting heart and mind work as one, in tandem with our physical body, from wholeness instead of separation. All that is not in coherence will shift to create a brand new space for a more crystal clear experience to take its place.

Allow yourself the space to reset. The more we can allow, the more we are aware of ourselves and our inner guidance, that is always available. You are always available for you as you.

We are on the threshold of something big, blooming and beautiful. Can you feel it? Do you believe it? Do you choose duality or unity, is your heart open or closed, are you present within your body?

If we want our hearts to stay open, we dive deeper instead of building walls.


Jan 19, 2021


''The silence is never quiet''


Is something the mind can not grasp

Until you become the silence


Until you experience

All that is you


Until it becomes your favorite place to be

I'll meet you there

Hermit mode


In the weeks to come many will feel the call, will be guided to pull back and go into hermit mode. Deeply connected with(in) self and deeply connected and co-creating with each other and Gaia as transmitter(s).

During this next phase conflicting energies will come to the surface even more and will be pushed out, big push/big purge. Tension is building up like a pressure cooker and many will feel this within their own system. As well as the outside system that is showing us clearly all that is not working and of a lower vibrational conflicting energy.

People can easily be triggered and go into a reactive state, acting out, feeling overwhelmed etc. Being confronted with the inner struggle and the struggle with life, the hustling with life force energies. Suppression, oppression, control, limitations, giving power away to outside forces, blame/victim mentality, fight/flight mode etc.

We all know how this reactive state feels like, we all experienced this. This makes us able to be patient and hold space for others who are going through this.

We are holding steady while working in the other realms and energetically assisting this transformative passage which is a multilayered project. At the same time our physical vessel is streaming and anchoring with the focus on the highest trajectory for all.

This is not about you or me, this is about all of us as the whole that we are, because we all do matter.


We are connected always and it’s just a matter of time until we Re-Member


Dec 20, 2020

Let's stay here forever


This floating feeling as if the whole body is fluid

Your cup is overflowing

And nothing is missing


Allowing and experiencing all

Just drifting and being

Deeply connected with and within 'self'

There's nowhere to go


Nothing to know



The energies are ramping up, higher octaves, powerful diamond light coming in for further activation and expansion. These influxes work on the cellular memory, nervous system, the brain and expansion of the high heart. Can bring up old trauma from this lifetime or other timelines including flashbacks for some. Although these influxes can be challenging from time to time it is working for us, we are being stretched, our consciousness is expanding, more DNA activation occurs and our system is being upgraded non stop now.


We are releasing lots of old energy, All that was linked to the old system needs to leave so we can completely function from the new crystalline system that runs through our beautiful Gaia as well as within ourselves/ourCells. You might experience things coming up like anger, unworthiness, jealousy, frustration, hatred, abandonment, distrust, lots of self destructive programming and lots of fear. This is coming to the surface for us, to see the old programming and to shift it into a higher frequency bandwidth, a completely new way of living and BE-ing occurs.


Our heart is opening into deeper levels and our consciousness is expanding with the speed of light. Our physical body is detoxing as well so this can feel like flu symptoms, temp drops like you are freezing or sweating like crazy and feeling overheated or other discomfort. It can be very painful to experience the intensity of releasing core wounds from this deep place inside of ourselves, out of our cell memory. Emptying ourselves so we can step fully into our new and higher version, connecting back into our true divinity.

Be easy on yourself, take things slow, hydrate, pull back, go out in nature and take rest whenever you need. When we sleep our body can catch up more easily without our human mind getting in the way of this recalibration/transformational process.


Oct 28, 2020


''The Whole''


There is so much to give

There is so much to receive

If we allow ourselves

The 'Whole' experience

Birthing the new


In the midst of this powerful rebirth the energy can feel chaotic and polarized. The divide needs to blend in for there is none when in higher states of consciousness. So we are balancing out a lot, clearing all that does not fit. For all to step into and anchor higher grounds, powering up our divinity so it can shine through fully, all from within.


Some are experiencing extreme ups and downs, like playing pingpong until balance is found. The centre point is quiet and peaceful like a warm and loving embrace, an enjoyable surrender.

Old situations can come up, showing itself to you. Situations you thought were done, you forgot about or patterns you thought were cleared. Making visible all we were not able to see before on a deeper level, bringing in a deeper understanding so we can shift this and tie up loose ends. Closing karmic situations, the closing of old cycles, to clear it once and for all and to make room for the new. Being aware of the choice points, choosing the old and familiar or letting go of the old while inviting/opening up the new. This can bring up fear of not knowing. We like to attach to the familiar instead of surrendering completely into the new.

By surrendering a deeper level of faith and trust is to be found within self and therefore we open ourselves up to the new, is opening up to receiving, is opening up a deeper level of trusting ourselves again, is opening up new insights and clarity, is opening up knowledge and wisdom within.

Yes this can be experienced as a freefall, letting go of all you thought was real and at the same time the higher version of you is guiding you always. Your higher version, the part of you that exists outside of time is having this clear overview and is bringing in the stepping stones. The more you open up to yourself the more your guidance will flow through you with clarity, for it is you and it was you all along. Feel into this, take a moment to just breathe and sit in silence. Focus on the heartspace and tune into yourself. For many their guidance is more clear and direct communication, tapping into your own knowledge & wisdom stored within is available now. We also receive a lot of messages when in dreamstate or during a meditative state of being. Lack is one of the many things coming up to assist us! It is working for us, with us so we are able to clearly see, feel and innerstand where we are still playing small, giving our power away, not loving ourselves, not showing ourselves and not speaking our truth. The ego is very creative as it comes to coping mechanisms and strategies.


Observe and question everything! Re-member, you are the most wonderful and amazing project of your life so make yourself a priority. We are going through a major reconfiguration right now so self support is needed. Burning off all that we are not is not an easy task, this can be very challenging. After the intensity of clearing we most often discover wonderful insights, a deeper wisdom that already exists within ourselves and the higher truth and purpose of self. We often feel lighter and brighter with more clarity, stronger than ever before and our perspectives change because we start to view the world in a new way.


Are you ready to discover the magnificence of the real authentic powerful version that you already are! Or maybe you are experiencing this already.This is the true version of you, the authentic powerful one, this is the foundation from which you will create your new REALity, your New Earth. Only heart based is accepted, created from pureness, love and sovereignty.


Oct 13,2020





A little piece of peace holds a great gift






~Karmic lessons, agreements and the Merry-Go-Round~


A lot of karmic lessons are being played out as a part of ending this cycle of agreements. We are experiencing this as individuals and we are seeing this happening collectively with all that is going on, on a global level.


 Some are in the process of finishing up the lessons before stepping into the new. Some played out the lessons and are walking their new soul path like agreed on before incarnating on earth.

There is also a group that seems to be unaware of the fact that they finished up these old agreements. These individuals are keeping themselves stuck and this is not an easy place to be in. They are ready to let go completely and to step into the new upgraded version of their REALity, one's own soul journey as agreed on, on a soul level. Due to the familiarity (safety zone) some of these individuals are keeping themselves (& each other) stuck within the same old environment, situations, places, people, groups etc. It seems they are not aware of the process that’s going on, they don’t know about the shift that’s taking place and that there is more to it. We've played in the old energetic structures and gave away our power for a long time.


The new/Unknown can be challenging for it is a completely different way of living and being. Letting go completely and finding back a deep inner trust and knowing within the self.We can only let go of the old when we consciously choose to do so, when we consciously choose to step into the new and act on it from the newest version we've become, with all we've learned along the way. Yes this can be scary and challenging and you will know when your universe is strongly pushing you to do so.

We are changing so rapidly now, the person we were three months ago is gone, we are brand new.We are learning to get used to change and being super flexible, unattached and free flowing. Contemplate on your journey, feel into the newest version of you that is unattached and free flowing, vibrant and full of love. Allow yourself to let go and set free the things that don't fit you anymore and are not of the highest vibrational alignment for your own growth and soul's journey. It is you that is finding back your power, it is you that is finding back everything that already exists deep within you, it is you starting to recognize the real magnificent you. No one can do this for you besides you! Keep focus on your highest trajectory at all times and not allow any distraction to take you off-course or to pull you back in. Play and discover new ways of joy. 


~It is my birthright to see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth~


We are all co-creating this together and I'm grateful for your awesomeness.


Oct 18,2020